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  •   By CD Greier
    I would have no life without the orthotics I got from GA Orthotics. Even just 3-hour work shifts resulted in too much foot pain. Thank goodness for John and his orthotics! I have a pair just for my winter boots and another pair in my usual shoes so I don't have to change the insoles every time I change shoes. Now I can put in a days work or run errands like normal.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By Chris
    I left this review on the shops Facebook page and they blocked me from posting a reply. Shameful!! Since they want to hide and censor the reviews they receive, I feel a duty to post it elsewhere. I have never been to this shop in person, because I have a friend who got a backpiece from Jody. It is embarrassingly is not only horribly shaded/outlined, some of the lettering is backwards!!!!!! It looks like that no regerts commercial!!!! Now she is in the process of trying to get the entire atrocity removed...If this is the best Saskatoon has to offer......Drive further away, I promise it will be worth the extra time and gas!! She has started entering it in the worst tattoo category at conventions...At least she can win some awards and free tattoo removal!! PLEASE know there is MUCH better work available elsewhere.

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